Dawn has published everything from poetry and fiction to journalism and academic articles.

She began writing very young and her first published poem at age 9.  Her first paid and published essay at age 11.  She began a career as a journalist in her teens.  She even ran her own science fiction magazine in her late teens and was Managing Editor of a number of magazines and newspapers in her twenties.  She continues to write in many genres, but is most known for her work as a anthropologist in the areas of the body and sexuality. (For a more detailed account of her publications, see the Resume page.)

Her current works in progress include a book based on her dissertation research with trans-men (FTM) in the SF Bay Area, a collection of essays on non-monogamy and a science fiction novel with queer themes.

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Samples of Dawn's professional writing include:

  • (In)Visible Bodies: Weight and Appearance in a Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Community (Masters Thesis - Anthropology)

  • AMERICAN WOMEN AND THE DIETING CONTINUUM: An anthropological analysis of weight control as a form of social control of women. (Bachelor Thesis - Anthropology)

  • Creating Accessible Queer Community: Intersections and Fractures with Dis/Ability Praxis (Co-authored with Cathy Marston.)

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